Ampyx Power B.V.

Ampyx Power develops a new method of generating wind energy, called the PowerPlane. The PowerPlane is an Airborne Wind Energy solution utilizing ground based (pumping) energy generation. The airborne segment consists of a rigid wing.


Ampyx Power develops the PowerPlane, a novel wind energy technology allowing sustainable production of power at significantly lower costs than fossil-fueled alternatives. This technology has the potential to trigger a paradigm shift in the electricity sector and will significantly accelerate the transition to a renewable energy supply, as due to its low costs, both economic and sustainability drivers will point towards investments in building power production capacity based on this technology. This brings a 100% green energy supply for the planet within reach.

Ampyx Power was founded in 2009 and has grown into a leading player in the airborne wind energy industry with about 40 employees operating world wide by mid 2015. Major achievements are first AWE delivery to the grid in 2010, fully automated operation in 2012, business development establishments in Australia and Canada in 2014.

More detailed information about the technology can be found in:

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Research environment

Ampyx power develops its technology in very friendly company culture and a flat organization. We have managed to attract seasoned experts in the various fields and work with world leading academic as well as established industrial partners.

Development Team