Efficient Numerical Methods for Embedded Nonlinear Optimization

Optimization-based approaches have been proven to be tools to design and control complex systems in several applications, ranging from automotive to aerospace and renewable energy systems.


Efficient numerical methods for nonlinear embedded optimization will be developed and implemented focusing on problems with dynamical constraints described by ordinary differential equations and algebraic differential equations. This class of problems naturally arises when formulating design, control and estimation problems for dynamical systems.

PhD Researcher

Andrea Zanelli obtained his Bachelor's degree in Automation Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2012 and his Master's degree in Robotics, Systems and Control at ETH Zurich in 2015. Before starting his PhD within the AWESCO network, he has been a research assistant at the Automatic Control Laboratory in Zurich. Since November 2015, he is pursuing his PhD focusing on numerical methods for embedded optimization under the supervision of Prof. Moritz Diehl.


Prof. Moritz Diehl, Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK), 15% FTE involvement as training coordinator and leader of WP2, holder of ERC StG on High-Altitude Wind Power Generators. Co-Editor of Springer book on Airborne Wind Energy. Supervisor of 7 PhD students and 4 postdocs. Prof. Moritz Diehl recently moved from KUL to ALU-FR, therefore he has a double affiliation to ALU-FR and KUL.