SkySails GmbH is the market and technology leader in the field of automated towing kite systems. Since 2001 SkySails has developed propulsion kites of up to 400 m² wing surface area for ship propulsion and energy production purposes.

The company

SkySails GmbH is the market and technology leader in the field of automated towing kite systems. Some 40 employees representing a wide range of disciplines and specialties – from aerospace engineers, to software developers, shipbuilders, management professionals and CNC operators – all help to develop, manufacture and market the worldwide patented SkySails technology.
SkySails kites are the key technology for capturing the vast potential of high-altitude winds and SkySails is the first company in the world that has succeeded in developing towing-kite technology into an industrial application.
SkySails GmbH has been working with traction kites for over 10 years. Since 2007 the complete kite design has been made at Skysails. Over 150 kites from wing surface areas of 6 m² to 400 m² were manufactured.

More details about the technology can be found in: F. Fritz "Application of an Automated Kite System for Ship Propulsion and Power Generation" In: U. Ahrens, M. Diehl, R. Schmehl (eds.) "Airborne Wind Energy". Springer, Heidelberg, 2013.

SkySails Propulsion System

The company's main business segment offers wind propulsion systems for ships. The SkySails system tows the ship using large, dynamically flying towing kites, which generate up to 25 times more energy per square meter than conventional sails propulsion systems. The latest product generation SKS C 320 can replace up to 2 MW of the main engine's propulsion power.

SkySails Power

Building on the proven SkySails technology, SkySails Power is developing wind power systems that for the first time can be used to tap into the enormous energy potential of high-altitude winds on an industrial scale.
In order to test the functional principle of the SkySails Power system, a first functional model has been developed and tested. The functional model has an installed generator power of 55 kW. It is a mobile unit which can be used either onshore or offshore on a floating platform.

SkySails Performance Manager

The SkySails Performance Manager collects data about shipboard operations and ambient conditions at an unrivalled level of quality and usability. Careful analysis and application to individual customers’ needs ensures that this data is turned into relevant and reliable information in real time.
By providing these information, the SkySails Performance Manager offers simple, yet complete decision support enabling the crew onboard and staff onshore to jointly optimize your fleet’s operational efficiency.